Artist Statement

On this site are two recent series that I work on concurrently:The Pear: A Subjective Figure, The Waves

Each series has a distinct focus.

The Pear paintings began a few years ago with my interest in addressing  both the subjective and venerable nature of the female form. The series has evolved to be an inquiry into etherial light on organic form. The sense of desire for a wrapped or veiled object, the anticipation of discovery and my own exploration of opaque and translucent light are all elements in this series.

The Wave paintings are inspired by the power and mystery of water. I am also really taken with patterning in nature as can be seen in the foam and waves at the shore. I an open water swimmer and I have enjoyed the ocean in many of its moods. When I am out away from shore in deep ocean water there is the seemingly dichotomous sense of peace, and insignificance: of who I am falling away to expose what I am. My wave paintings are an attempt to share my intimate sense of awe and harmony with the ocean.